Case Studies

And Still the Waters Rise offers group Mosaic Mural™ collaborative art-experiences that build capacity in people, organizations, companies and communities. The following case studies provide examples of how the process has been utilized to enhance both internal and external initiatives across sectors.


No.16-01: MANA KIAʻI

Case Study No.16-01: A creative approach to supporting the development of a Code of Conduct for Marine Conservation is an example of a group Mosaic Mural process facilitated during a workshop in support of continuing the conversation on a code of conduct for marine conservation. The title of the final artwork is Mana Kiaʻi, which means guardian mana or power - that which guards over, and this is what we ultimately hope a code of conduct will provide to a community.

(August 31, 2016)

Hana Mural.jpg

No.14-01:  No HANA MAI AU 

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Mural In Process.jpg


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No.13-01: He Mau Ka ʻOlelo Hawaiʻi

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